Dear Mien,I'm glad khổng lồ write letter to you.Today, I am going to tell you about my memorable past experience.It happened when I was at secondary school.I dropped out to go out with my friends.Finally, my parents knew that because my teacher called them lớn inform my absence.Dropping out of mine made them very sad và disapointed.When I went home, my parents offered me khổng lồ sit down và asked me some questions.I was so anxious about answering their questions.They were angry with me và charged me.Since then, I have really been mature having clear thought before acting.And I was embrassed about that.The experience makes me more mature and let me know how important studying is.

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Nguyen, this is supposed lớn be a personal letter that relates a past experience. By definition, the letter should have more information that it currently indicates. The content of your letter are mere previews of what happened to lớn you instead of a complete recollection of the past experience. I suggest that you further expand upon the content of the essay.Begin with relating more about why you decided khổng lồ skip school that day. Vị not use the term "drop out" of school because to "drop out" of school means khổng lồ stop going khổng lồ school. While "skipping school" means that you only decided khổng lồ not go khổng lồ school for one day. Relate the circumstances that led lớn your decision khổng lồ skip school and spend the day with your friends. Describe the activities that you enjoyed that day.Follow up with the story about the negative effects of your actions & how the hotline the school made lớn your parents resulted in a punishment for you. I do not believe that you should use the term "charged me" in relation lớn your parents scolding you và quite possibly punishing you by grounding you for your actions. Try to lớn revise the sentence in order to create a clearer picture of how your parents dealt with your actions that day.Now, about the latter part of your letter that talks about how you matured after that event. I believe that it would have more impact upon the reader if you place that at the beginning of the letter. It would really make an excellent hook for this letter if you said something like "Dear... I heard that you skipped school today and got into trouble with your parents. Let me tell you that I had the same experience not too long ago and..." That way you create a personal connection with the reader. You can write a new concluding paragraph to take its place.Don't get me wrong, the content of the letter is good.

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It just needs to lớn be reformatted and revised in order lớn be more relevant to the expectations of the reader. I hope this helps.