My favourite festival is Tet. Tet is in the over of January so the weather always sunny and windy. Before Tet, my dad bought a kumquat & put it in the middle of my house, my mum bought a lot of clothes for me. We decorated our house and cleaned our house. In this festival, we eat lots of candies & Chung cake . Also, the children can receive lucky money from adult,that’s why I like Tet. They will wear new clothes và visit them relatives . In the evening, our family usually gather và eat phổ biến cake, boiled chicken,…. After Tet, everyone returns to their jobs. Tet comes when we have free days with our dear family.

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If you ask me about a famous festival in Vietnam, I will definitely talk about Tet Holiday, which is also known as Lunar New Year holiday in Vietnam.

It usually occurs at the over of January and lasts for 3 days. Tet holiday in Vietnam is usually in honor of the departure of the previous year và an occasion lớn welcome the new year with many blessings. On Tet holiday, we will have family unions khổng lồ catch up with each other. Besides, some families enjoy this festival by preparing traditional food such as Vietnamese square cake, dried candied fruit, braised pork and eggs, etc. Và decorating the house with parallel sentences & peach or apricot blossoms. Especially, for children, I think they look forward khổng lồ Tet holiday because they can receive lucky money from adults as a way to give them wishes for the new year. For adults, it is an occasion on which they are able to bởi the spring cleaning and make appetizing food to lớn worship the ancestors.

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I would say in this days & age, Tet has lost its original spirit & most adults treat it as a normal holiday in which they can have 2 weeks off to blow off some steam & release stress. However, to lớn me, Tet holiday is still a distinct festival of Vietnam. Whenever this holiday comes, I feel a strong sense of belonging because it reminds me of how diverse our culture can be with different rituals & food. Moreover, I think if Tet holiday didn’t exist, many family members would drift apart due to the hustle & bustle of life. However, since we have Tet, everyone will have at least one or two days to have family gatherings and tighten the bonds with other members.