Fresh, cool, filtered backcountry water just tastes better. The Vecto allows you khổng lồ easily collect, store & treat water, using your filter of choice.

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The Vecto is light, durable and easy to handle. It is easy to fill with just a couple of scoops, carry khổng lồ a dry camp or filter on the spot with a 28mm compatible filter. Leave more time lớn really enjoy your hike or just time at camp with a quick and simple filtering system.

Anyone who has ever used a collapsible container with a standard narrow opening knows how frustrating it is to fill. Cnoc wanted a sản phẩm that would make it easy to lớn fill a water container even in shallow streams.

Dual opening design - slider sealed wide opening and standard soda bottle-style screw neckEasy lớn fill and simple lớn clean & dry due khổng lồ the wide openingLightweight và compactTethered cap và sliderDurable - despite the soft material, the Vecto has a breaking point of 220 lbsOperational temperatures: 20°F (-6°C) to lớn 120°F (49°C)FDA approved và BPA, BPS, và BPF free_________________________________________________Specs:Capacity: 2LDimensions: 13.5" x 7"Packed size: 7" x 2" x 1.5" 

Weight: 2.6oz


FDA approved TPU

Please note: TPU is a porous material và so is not completely smell không tính phí after production, please clean and air prior to use. 

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