Concave parabolic mirrors are frequently used to accurately collimate point sources of visible and IR radiation. However, precise alignment is required lớn obtain optimal performance, & lengthy set-up times may be encountered, especially if the mirror is frequently moved.

Bạn đang xem: Toán 10"s TOAN Series Off-Axis Newtonian Collimators incorporates one of our precision, zero thermal-expansion, off-axis parabolic mirrors, interferometrically aligned in a rugged và compact housing. Twenty-one models are offered, providing unobstructed apertures from 4 to lớn 14 inches, a variety of f/numbers, và two wavefront accuracy specifications. Below is a listing of our catalog models. Click Custom Collimator Worksheet for information on specifying a custom collimator.

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Catalog TOAN - Telescope Off Axis Newtonian Collimators 
Modelf Number Aperture (in)
4.5 - 44.5 4
6 - 46.0 4
5 - 55.0 5
6 - 56.0 5
3 - 63.0 6
4 - 64.0 6
5 - 65.0 6
6.7 - 66.7 6
5 - 85.0 8
7.5 - 87.5 8
6 - 106.0 10
5 - 125.0 12
8.3 - 128.5 12
5 - 145.0 14

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Order Number: TOAN 4.5-4

TOAN = Newtonian Off Axis Collimator4.5=f number4=Aperture (inches)


Strict attention has been paid to lớn mechanical configuration and stability of the TOAN Series. Combined with"s dedication to quality in optical fabrication & superior kiểm tra capabilities, the result is reliability và performance unparalleled by similar units commercially available today. The optical path is baffled, minimizing extraneous radiation which can limit signal-to-noise performance.For applications in the visible và near-infrared, higher quality systems can provide a lambda/4 wavefront, as tested at 632.8 nm. Enhanced aluminum coatings to lớn improve visible transmission & complete interferometric data are supplied. Accessories

BBS-0 1 Blackbody Radiation Source. Providing a 1" diameter cavity, & covering the ambient lớn 1000C temperature range, this unit features an emissivity of 0.99 và temperature stability of +/- 0.5C over a 4 khổng lồ 6 hour period. Temperature control features digital temperature readout. Power nguồn requirements: 2A at 110V. Customized Focal Plane Equipment. A variety of application requirements can be satisfied including remotely-selectable apertures, Four Bar Targets, Spatial Frequency Sweep Targets, Multi-Channel Illumination Systems, and Microprocessor Compatible Systems. CH-01 Chopper. Variable frequency focal plane modulator for above. AW - Aperture Wheel và Pinhole Aperture. A frequently desired option is our six-position focal plane aperture wheel with 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, và 5.0 mrad pinhole apertures. Additional interchangeable aperture wheels & targets may be purchased separately.

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Also available: Extension plate, precision aperture, slit aperture & other custom interface equipment. Call or email us for details.