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Question 1: The girls and flowers ______ he painted were vivid.

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A. Whose B. That C. Which D. Who

Question 2: vày you have any idols _____ you really love and imitate in many ways?

A. Which B. What C. Whom D. Why

Question 3: ______ instructed me how khổng lồ make a good preparation for a job interview.

A. John Robbins I spoke to by telephone, B. John Robbins, that I spoke to by telephone,

C. John Robbins to lớn that I spoke by telephone, D. John Robbins, whom I spoke to lớn by telephone,

Question 4: Is there anything else __________you want to lớn ask?

A. Where B. That C. Whom D. What

Question 5: Wild fires are common is the forest areas of Australia, of the US và Canada , ___the climate is moist.

A. Which B. In that C. In where D. Where

Question 6: __________ really a fish, has no brain, no bones, & no face.

A. A jelly fish, which is not B. A jelly fish is not

C. A jelly fish, it is not D. A jelly fish, that is not

Question 7: The botanists are examining the plants __________ were brought from Africa.

A. Who B. Whom C. Whose D. Which

Question 8: The house __________ is more than 100 years old.

A. Where I live in B. Where I live C. In where I live D. In that I live

Question 9: The banker khổng lồ __________ I gave my check was quite friendly

A. That B. Which C. Who D. Whom

Question 10: Birds make nests in trees __________ they can hide their young in the leaves & branches.

A. Which B. In that C. Where D. That

Question 11: Ms. Young, khổng lồ ______ many of her student are writing, is living happily và peacefully in Canada.

A. That B. Who C. Whom D. Whose

Question 12: King Henry , __________ was Elizabeth I, led England into the Age of Empire.

A. Daughter B. Whose daughter C. Which daughter D. Whom daughter

Question 13: __________ cheat on the exam have to leave the room.

A. Those B. Those whom C. Those who D. Who

Question 14: I saw a lot of new people at the party, _____ seemed familiar.

A. Some of who B. Some of whom C. Whom D. Some of that

Question 15: I would like to know the reason __________ he decided khổng lồ quit the job.

A. Which B. Why C. When D. That

Question 16: The bridge _____ by French architects is very nice.

A. Was designed B. Designing C. Lớn design D. Designed

Question 17: The man ______ at the blackboard is our teacher.

A. Stood B. Stands C. Standing D. To stand

Question 18: Jan didn"t kiểm tra she had enough petrol before she left, ________ was careless of her.

A. What B. It C. That D. Which

Question 19: This is a town ________ many people live.

A. In which B. Which C. At which D. On which

Question 20: She, ________ is your sister, lives far away.

A. Which B. Who C. Whom D. She

Question 21: I see some girls ________ are pretty.

A. Whom B. Which C. Who D. They

Question 22: It is a car ______ I bought last year.

A. Whom B. Who C. Which D. Whose

Question 23: He was killed by a man ________ friends we know.

A. Whose B. Which C. Whom D. That

Question 24: He spoke khổng lồ the messengers with ________ you were leaving.

A. Which B. Whom C. Whose D. That

Question 25: We captured a town ________ is in Spain.

A. Whom B. Where C. Which D. It

Question 26: The farmers ________ we saw were in the field.

A. Whose B. Which C. They D. Whom

Question 27: The women ________ I gave the money were glad.

A. To lớn whom B. To lớn that C. For whom D. For that

Question 28: I know a boy ________ name is John.

A. Who B. Whose C. Whom D. That

Question 29: The man ________ you sent to lớn the general has reported the victory.

A. Whose B. Which C. Whom D. He

Question 30: Tom was the last ______the classroom yesterday.

A. To leave B. Leaving C. Left D. Leaves

Question 31: The people ________ courage you praised are now citizens.

A. Whose B. Which C. Whom D. That

Question 32: You folks ________ live in farmhouses bởi not like the life of the city.

A. Whose B. Who C. They D. Which

Question 33: Those towns ________ you were looking at in Gaul are small.

A. Who B. Where C. Which D. Whom

Question 34: In Helvetia I have seen a large city ________ many people live.

A. At which B. Which C. On which D. In which

Question 35: He ________ is not my friend is my enemy.

A. Who B. Which C. Whom D. A&B

Question 36: I sent my friend the books ________ I had written.

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A. Who B. Which C. Whom D. What

Question 37: Behind the farmhouse there was a large garden, ______ the farmer & his sons were working.