Truc Lam Zen Monastery, The Meditation Center in Dalat


On the way to lớn Tuyen Lam Lake, tourists have to run right onto a zigzagging road at the mountain side to lớn Phoenix Summit, on which stands beautiful famous Truc Lam Zen Monastery in an xuất hiện poetic natural environment.

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Historical records of Truc Lam Zen Monastery

Established in special social conditions, with the aim of restoring Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen School founded by the King Tran Thanh Tong, this Zen school has harmoniously combined different Zen schools with Vietnamese cultural và tradition into Vietnamese Zen. Truc Lam Zen Monastery lies on a protected forest of 23,2 hectares, of which 2 hectares is the building area.

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Zen Monastery’s Activities

Zen helps people lớn live in “full awareness” and bring their souls back into peaceful state. Truc Lam Buddhist Zen emphasizes on every one’s interior concentration, either a religious or someone in his/her family. This introspective soul training process leads to personal purification, builds a care-free mind & help one’s good nature lớn show up; this is the real peace in everyone’s interior, not in a certain paradise in a faraway world.


Dalat Meditation Center

Visiting Truc Lam Zen Monastery in the quietness of hills và mountains, tourists are không tính phí from everyday worries and seem to be able regain themselves in the greatness of the nature.

The maps of Truc Lam Zen Monastery

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Anna, 3 years ago Reply

My friend and I would want lớn spend some days in the monastery and take part in a retreatment. We tried to tương tác the monastery via phone but we couldn’t reach them. Is there any other way khổng lồ get in liên hệ with them?


Dalat Trip, 3 years ago Reply

Hi Anna, you can tương tác them following phone number +84-263-3827565 or +84-263-3830558. Please cảnh báo for time UTC+7.


elliot, 3 years ago Reply

Hi Dalat Trip,I am also interested in this. Vị you know if anyone at the temple speak English?


Dalat Trip, 3 years ago Reply

Yes, the master of meditation course, he speaks English very well.


Elliot, 3 years ago

Thanks – I tried both of these numbers. One of them said ‘No English’ & hung up, the other was a woman who spoke a bit of English but said this was not the Truc Lam Monastery. Are these definitely correct?

Dalat Trip, 3 years ago

Hi Elliot, These phone are definitely correct. But i think you spoke to lớn persons who can not speak English.

Jamie, 4 years ago Reply

Hello,I am currently in Vietnam and hoping khổng lồ spend several days to a week at the monastery. Is it possible for pregnant women in their early stages of pregnancy to lớn join? Can we ask an invitation to stay a week via you &

Kindest regards,Jamie

Adi, 7 years ago Reply

Hi is it possible to email them? Or is the only way to lớn connect by phone?

Giri Kadurugamuwa, 9 years ago Reply

I am writing this on behalf of a Zen Sri Lankan priest, Sufu Nalaka. Hewasordained as Ven Kurunegala Rathanapala in the Theravada sector in the year 1986. Khổng lồ find more freedom in his goal to attain the supreme nibbana, in the year may be about 2005 he was ordained as Sufu Nalaka, and since then is living lonely .in remote areas in Sri Lanka practising dhamma.

The present situation in Sri Lanka is not at all suitable for other Buddhist sectors. An organisation called Bodu bala sena in Sri lanka has commenced harrassing persons who are practising other secors other than theravada.

i am writing this to find out whether it is possible for him khổng lồ find accomodation in your temple for a temporary period. Your corporaion in this regard is very highly appreciated. Waiting for a favourable respone I remain. Thank you. Theruwan saranai.

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bianca sauer, 9 years ago Reply

hey,i would love lớn stay one week in the temple. But i cant find a adress or possibility lớn ask directly there.You have a no or know how it works?Thanks for your help!Cheers,Bianca

Jacob, 9 years ago Reply

I would also lượt thích to stay there for a few weeks but it is difficult to find information on that.It os possible that foreigners are not welcome there as is the case at the Thich N khô nóng centre in Saigon .Will post if I find out anything .

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