Social media platforms have a huge impact on our daily lives. They have become part of our daily routine. People post everything they vì chưng on different social truyền thông media platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, và Snap Chat.

Nowadays on social truyền thông different new words have emerged. Social truyền thông media users mainly use shortcuts in size of slangs & abbreviations. In this article, we will talk about what does KAM means TikTok.

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TikTok is popular among the young generation who are also known as generation Z. It is reported that more than 800 million people are using TikTok around the world. So the young generation always hates to lớn write long sentence on social truyền thông they instead use acronyms and shortcuts.

Also with the help of shortcuts, we can write what we want khổng lồ say in a corner while posting a video or picture.

What Does KAM mean on TikTok?

This abbreviation is trending from last week on different social media platforms. First, it was on YouTube, then came to lớn Twitter, & then on TikTok. According to lớn the urban dictionary, KAM on TikTok means “kill all men”.

The question here is what is the story behind this KAM? to lớn know the answer, we will start from KAM on TikTok. Some people say it is referring to a joke on TikTok và it should not be taken seriously. It is a super feminist belief in killing all men. And it is making round on TikTok & other social media platforms.

According to lớn a source, the word KAM came from YouTube where a woman named Jenny McDermott in the đoạn phim had used it first. Và they say what she meant in the video was all the male babies should be killed. & later she deactivated her trương mục where she had posted the video. It is said that after this she clarified in the follow up saying she has used KAM for a parody.

Why does 11 years old boy kill himself because of TikTok?

It is not confirmed whether it is a real or made-up story, an 11 eleven years old boy had attempted suicide on September 9, 2020. He did this because of the KAM kill all men trend which was started by women first on Twitter và then it came khổng lồ TikTok. The boy had viewed a video of a girl saying kill all the men and he thought he is going lớn die in real và attempted suicide.


On Twitter, there was a verbal war between the feminists and anti-feminists over this story. On Twitter one wrote, “11 years old boy attempt suicide because of feminazis keep saying kill all men. You shouldn’t say kill all men if it’s not directed towards all men.” Another one wrote, “an 11 years old tried to lớn kill himself because of KAM, now he is in the hospital. Women are lesser.”


So all the anti-feminists are blaming women for what happened to the 11 years old boy. The boy who blew his head with a gunshot. Và on the other side mostly women are twitting with the hashtag KAM. One twitted “all men are gross let’s get rid of them, KAM kill all men. “All men vì chưng is cry about KAM và watch football” twitted by another woman.

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Everyday something is trending on social truyền thông media whether it is dance step, slang, lip-sync, a person’s name, memes, or anything. Some of the information on social truyền thông misguides people and they vị unusual things in response. The word KAM which means kill all men is circulating on different social truyền thông media platforms these days. And 11 years old boy had attempted suicide taking it seriously.

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