GREER, S.C.—Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) recently received a Southeast Region Recognition Award during the American Society of Landscape Architects’ Southeast Regional Conference for its airside garden.

The garden, which is an original feature at the airport from its opening in 1962, received its second update in năm 2016 during the GSP terminal renovation.

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“GSP’s airside garden gives passengers a quality opportunity khổng lồ spend time outside post security and it’s a source of pride for the airport,” said Kevin Howell, GSP senior vice president & chief operations officer. “The garden’s most recent update celebrates its history while providing a welcoming space to lớn relax & enjoy the beauty that can be observed from the airfield.”

Seamon Whiteside và Associates served as the landscape architects for GSP’s 2016 garden renovation. Kiến thiết elements used in the garden include seating terraces, a large central lawn và the use of plantings lớn frame views of the tarmac và the xanh Ridge Mountains. WK Dickson served as the lead engineer for the update and Mavin Construction was the project’s contractor.

“The airside garden is still a meaningful and engaging landscape after 57 years,” said Clint Rigsby, a senior landscape architect with Seamon Whiteside’s Greenville office. “It stands as a living testament to lớn the power of the garden và the importance of the landscape architect. We were able khổng lồ use both hardscape and plant materials to lớn create a formal, yet contemporary landscape, khổng lồ complement the significant terminal expansion project và celebrate the garden’s quality sense of place in the heart of the airport terminal.”

GSP’s airside garden is one of the few outdoor areas accessible to lớn airport passengers past a security checkpoint in the United States. The garden has layers of planting, which provides texture and color. It has two fountains và ornate benches recovered from the original garden. Sculptures of children at play were commissioned for the garden’s 1989 update by longtime GSP Commissioner Roger Milliken, who passed away in 2010. Milliken suggested having a garden built during the early planning for GSP. The garden was dedicated to lớn him in 2016.

In 2018, the garden received a Merit Award from the S.C. American Society of Landscape Architects chapter.

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About Greenville-Spartanburg International AirportGreenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) is conveniently located between Greenville and Spartanburg, along I-85. More than 2.3 million passengers per year are served by six major airlines offering over 100 total daily flights khổng lồ 19 destinations and one-stop connections lớn hundreds of cities across the globe. The airport is also a hub for air cargo, including automotive parts và other goods regularly flown to & from Europe & Mexico as well as throughout the United States. Learn more