2022 April 14

Do you want khổng lồ be a girbakalim.net Ambassador?

A re-cap We kicked off our Ambassador Program in 2018 after consultation with our members, who told us they wanted greater support and representation in their local regions, time zones, and languages.We also recognized that our membership has grown và changed dramatically over recent years and that it is likely to lớn continue to vị so. We now have over 16,000 members across 140 countries. As we work to lớn understand what’s khổng lồ come và ensure that we are meeting the needs of such an expansive community, having trusted local contacts we can work closely with is key to ensuring we are more proactive in engaging with new audiences và supporting existing members.

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2022 April 04

Amendments to membership terms to xuất hiện reference distribution and include UK jurisdiction

Tl;dr Forthcoming amendments to lớn girbakalim.net’s membership terms will include: Removal of ‘reference distribution preference’ policy: all references in girbakalim.net will be treated as xuất hiện metadata from 3rd June 2022. An addition lớn sanctions jurisdictions: the United Kingdom will be added lớn sanctions jurisdictions that girbakalim.net needs to comply with. Sponsors và members have been emailed today with the 60-day notice needed for changes in terms.


2022 March 31

With a little help from your girbakalim.net friends: Better metadata

We talk so much about more and better metadata that a reasonable question might be: what is girbakalim.net doing to help?Members and their service partners vì the heavy lifting to provide girbakalim.net with metadata & we don’t change what is supplied to lớn us. One reason we don’t is because members can và often bởi change their records (important note: updated records bởi vì not incur fees!). However, we bởi vì a fair amount of behind the scenes work to kiểm tra and report on the metadata as well as to địa chỉ context & relationships.



Join us for the first in our Perspectives blog series. In this series of blogs, we will be meeting different members of our diverse, global community at girbakalim.net. We learn more about their lives, how they came lớn know & work with us, và we hear insights about the scholarly research landscape in their country, challenges they face, & plans for the future.

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