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IQ test DescriptionThis miễn phí Real IQ Test
is a premium psychometric exam with instant PhD-Certified results. The demo will measure your cognitive performance in several key areas including word analysis & spatial reasoning.

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Our IQ Test is primarily a verbal intelligence test và contains elements of spatial reasoning. Your raw IQ score will be scaled & applied to lớn the standard deviation to lớn provide your IQ relative to lớn the normal distribution of intelligence scores for this IQ testing assessment.

What is an Intelligence Quotient?

In short, Intelligence Tests provide a good estimate of how smart you are based on empirical data & analysis. Kiểm tra scores are determined and plotted on a numeric scale which typically ranges from around 40 to 180. An average score would be anything around a median of 100 with a good high IQ score being 110 or above.

Scores for IQ Tests such as ours measure a score which can be plotted out on a graph such as the one below based on average IQ:


Audiences for Tests

We all come from different walks of life and different educational backgrounds as well as each of us have a different propensity for intelligence so it is with no surprise that scores can vary widely. We have measured data from a wide range of age groups, countries, and genders both male and female as well as compared scores of families and individuals. You can find in your extended report information regarding where you stand amongst each of these groups.

For those who are under 17, we would recommend taking our Kids IQ Test which is a more detailed exam designed specifically for children.

Am I a Genius?

Once you find out your score, it is only natural lớn wonder whether you fall high enough on the scale to hotline yourself a "genius". While the term is not widely used in the professional industry, it is still fun lớn think of yourself as such. If you vì chưng score high within the kiểm tra scores on your IQ chạy thử results, you may qualify for a high IQ society such as Mensa. An extremely high score would be anything approaching the 150 mark with the above average range being 101-120.

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Types of Questions

Our assessment consists of 42 questions within four main question types. These include Quantitative, Spatial, Words, and "Fill in the Blank", all of which fall into the categories of either verbal or spatial reasoning.