Mình sẽ học Toeic với thấy bài bác phát biểu của BTS ở phối hợp Quốc hôm 25/9 vừa rồi khá là xuất xắc nên ý muốn share với girbakalim.net. ...

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Mình vẫn học Toeic và thấy bài bác phát biểu của BTS ở liên hợp Quốc hôm 25/9 vừa rồi khá là tuyệt nên ý muốn share với girbakalim.net.

"Thank you, Mr. Secretary General,UNICEF Executive Director, Excellencies & distinguished guests from across the world.
"My name is Kim phái nam Jun, also known as RM, the leader of the group BTS. It’s an incredible honour to be invited to an occasion with such significance for today’s young generation.
"Last November, BTS launched the “Love Myself” campaign with UNICEF, building on our belief that “true love first begins with loving myself.” We have been partnering with UNICEF’s #ENDviolence program khổng lồ protect children & young people all over the world from violence.
"Our fans have become a major part of this campaign with their kích hoạt and enthusiasm. We truly have the best fans in the world!
We truly have the best fans in the world!
"I was born in Ilsan, a city near Seoul, South Korea. It’s a beautiful place, with a lake, hills, & even an annual flower festival. I spent a happy childhood there, & I was just an ordinary boy.
"I would look up at the night sky in wonder and dream the dreams of a boy. I used khổng lồ imagine that I was a superhero, saving the world.
"In an intro lớn one of our early albums, there is a line that says, “My heart stopped…I was maybe nine or ten.”
"Looking back, that’s when I began to lớn worry about what other people thought of me and started seeing myself through their eyes. I stopped looking up at the stars at night. I stopped daydreaming. I tried khổng lồ jam myself into moulds that other people made. Soon, I began to lớn shut out my own voice and started khổng lồ listen khổng lồ the voices of others. No one called out my name, và neither did I. My heart stopped & my eyes closed shut. So, lượt thích this, I, we, all lost our names. We became lượt thích ghosts.

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We became lượt thích ... ư ư ư
No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin colour, gender identity: speak yourself.