AuthenticationWhat is an Authentication Server

Learn how an authentication vps works & how it compares with an authorization server.

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What is an Authentication Server

An authentication server is used to lớn verify credentials when a person or another server needs lớn prove who they are to lớn an application.

To better understand what an authentication vps is, let's look at what it does by taking a peek into what happens when an authentication request is made.

Day in the Life of an Authentication Server

Authentication, in short, is the process of identifying a person or computer to lớn make sure they are who they say they are.

An application or device may ask for several different identifiers lớn verify this. Each identifier generally falls in one of these three categories:

Something you know — Usually something lượt thích a username and password or PIN. It is the most common identification method.

Something you have — This covers physical things that you possess, such as a smartphone, key, etc.

There are several different types of authentication, but for brevity, we'll go through what happens in two scenarios: single-factor authentication and multi-factor authentication.

Single-factor authentication

Single-factor authentication is the process of verifying an identity using only one factor. The different factors generally fall into one of the categories above: something you know, something you have, or something you are. The most common size of single-factor authentication is simply a username and password.

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Let's look at what happens when a user authenticates with a username and password.

User:Navigates to lớn a website và types in username and password

Authentication Server: Whoa, what's this? Who are you??

Authentication Server:puts on glasses

Authentication Server: Ahh yes, bobbysmith3. Let me verify that your secret password is correct.