is a world-leading university in Australia’s capital. Excellence is embedded in our approach khổng lồ research và girbakalim.netcation.

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Every day our researchers & students come up with new ways to lớn help resolve the big issues confronting the nation and the world

The has maintained its position as Australia"s đứng top university và continues lớn be counted among the đứng đầu universities in the world.

The latest QS World University Rankings for 2016-17 rated at 22nd in the world and among the world"s great research and girbakalim.netcation institutions including Oxford, Cambridge và the great Ivy League universities in the United States. The ranking is down slightly on last year"s equal 19th place.

Domestically, the QS World University Rankings named as the number one institution in Australia, based on a range of measures such as academic reputation, employer reputation, research citations & the ratio of staff khổng lồ students.

" is proud to be named Australia"s đứng đầu University and were delighted we have maintained our number one position," said Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt AC.

"Everyone at takes great pride in being measured against the best universities in the world, và we are committed to lớn build on the excellence that naturally comes with the responsibility of being a truly national resource for all Australians.

" is an exciting a dynamic place to lớn work & study. Every day our researchers và students come up with new ways khổng lồ help resolve the big issues confronting the nation & the world.

"Our đứng đầu ranking reflects the outstanding research efforts of staff và students & demonstrates the University"s ability to lớn conduct research that is equal khổng lồ or better than the very best in the world." was ranked number one in nước australia for overall performance, as well as for the ratio of faculty to students và for citations per faculty. was ranked 25th in the world for academic reputation, up from 26th in 2015, with an overall score of 99.1 out of 100.

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The findings were based on rankings for 916 institutions around the world, including 35 universities in Australia.